Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs

Junior Golf Policy


We are pleased to see parents, relatives and other supporters at all our junior events and matches. We want the boys and girls to enjoy their golf and to be able to compete fairly with each other with the minimum of distractions. We hope therefore that you will abide by our spectator code.

1. Please ensure your mobile phone is switched off and is only used in the case of emergencies.

2. If you do have to use your phone at any time for anything other than an emergency, please do so away from the playing area and preferably in the car park.

3. Please do not walk close to players. (We don't want any allegations that they have been offered advice). A comfortable distance would be at least 50 yards from the players.

4. As well as not giving advice, do not offer information to players on: a. Local Rules, which are often different from club to club. b. Rules of Golf. Please leave that the referees or county officials in attendance.

5. Please keep to the sides of fairways as much as possible.

6. Please keep away from any ball in play and be aware of all other players on the course. Your safety on the course is just as important to us as the safety of the players

7. Ball spotting and searching. By all means help to find balls which may be lost not only for the player you are supporting but other players in that group. However, please try to avoid trampling down long grass.

8. Please do not touch any ball and allow the players concerned to identify their ball themselves. We would hope the players have marked their ball in such a way as to make it easily identifiable.

9. Do not carry or handle a player's clubs or equipment at any time. (The player may be penalised if you do).

10. Please keep still and quiet and do not use a camera when a ball is being played. The use of cameras, mobile phones, video cameras or any other photographic recording devise is strictly prohibited during play. .

We thank you for your co-operation and we hope you enjoy the day. Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs Junior Committee

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