Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs

Seniors Match Play



Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Semi Final
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29/05/22 19/06/22 10/07/22 31/07/22 17/08/22
Match 1 Match 17 Match 25 Match 29 Final
Colin Trestrail v Barrie Graham (W) Neil Roberts (win)

Match 2 v Neil Roberts

Kev Blow Richard Vaughan

Match 3 Match 18 v Mark Cooke
Graham Smith Neil Wilkinson

Match 4 v Graham Smith (2&1)

Andrew Watson Steve Cullington (5th Ex)

Match 5 Match 19 Match 26 v Winner Match 29
Mark Cooke Richard Keal (W/D)

Match 6 v Mark Cooke (win)

Colin Nolan Kev Blow

Match 7 Match 20 v Winner Match 28
Robert Davis Colin Nolan (won)

Match 8 v Kev Blow

Neil Roberts Keith Barnes

Match 9 Match 21 Match 27 Match 30
Steve Kellett Colin Trestrail

Match 10 v Steve Cullington

Chris Osbourne Andrew Watson

Match 11 Match 22 v Graham Smith
Richard Keal Robert Davis

Match 12 v Colin Nolan

Keith Barnes Mark Cooke (3&2)

Match 13 Match 23 Match 28 v Winner Match 30
Richard Vaughan Chris Osbourne (1 up)

Match 14 v Chris Osbourne

Steve Cullington Robin Harris

Match 15 Match 24 v Winner Match 27
Neil Wilkinson Graham Smith

Match 16 v Colin Trestrail

Robin Harris Steve Kellett (W/D)

Qualifiers for the Consolation Plate competition

(Draw to take place when all Round 2 matches have been completed)

Barrie Graham, Robin Harris, Robert Davis, Richard Keal, Neil Wilkinson, Steve Kellett, Keith Barnes


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