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Competition Rules

1. To be eligible to enter a competitor must comply with the Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs qualifications, namely: –
(a) he must be of amateur status as defined by the R & A.
(b) he must be a member of an affiliated Club in the County Union or must have been born in the county and be a member of an affiliated Club in another county.
(c) entrants must have attained the age of 55 years before the closing date for the competition (4th March 2019).
(d) he must not have taken part in a golf championship of another County Union during the calendar year.
Entrants must not exceed 12.4 (active) handicap on the date of entry although exemption will be given to any player who finished in the top 20 (gross) of the LUGC Seniors Championship of 2017 and 2018, providing their handicap is still ‘active’.
3. Where entries are excessive, theywill be reduced as follows:
(a) higher handicaps (exact) will be set aside.
(b) any ties for last place(s) will be decided by ballot.
(c) players eliminated will be placed on a waiting list in handicap (exact) order.
4. All matches in the Matchplay Championship will be played off scratch, and all preliminary/Round 1 losers will go into the draw for the Plate (Consolation) Competition.
5. All matches within the Plate competition will be played off handicap (full difference).
6. The Draw(s), which will be on the LUGC Website, will be updates asap following notification of results and no later than a couple of days after each specified round completion date.
7. Matches will be arranged between the competitors and if a green fee is charged the cost should be shared between the two players.
8. All competitors must comply with Rule 4.1 (Form and Make of Clubs). The players clubs must conform with this rule and the provisions, specifications and interpretations therein.
9. Competitors will be required to play with golf balls, which are on the current R & A list.
10. Competitors must walk at all times during a stipulated round. The use of buggies will be prohibited unless supported by medical certificate.
11. Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones: As per England Golf Policy.
12. All disputes will be settled by the Championship Committee whose decision will be final.

Seniors Match Play 2018