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Rita Hurst Salver



To be played at Kirton Holme GC on Sunday 17th September 2017.

Closing date for entries is 28th August 2017.

1. A club must be affiliated to the Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs.
2. Each player in the team must be of amateur status as defined by the R & A G.C. of St Andrews and be a current member of the affiliated club, having nominated the club as the club he is going to represent in county competitions and league matches.
3. The Trophy will be competed for by teams each consisting of 4 players. The aggregate of the best 3 team members scores to decide the winning team.
4. Individual handicaps must not exceed 18 and must be active.
5. The ball used must be named on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls issued by the R &A.
6. All competitors must comply with Rule 4.1 i.e. the players clubs must conform with the rule and the provisions, specifications and interpretations set forth in Appendix ii.
7. A competitor who is not present on his starting tee when called upon to start will be disqualified.
8. If two or more teams tie for places the order will be decided by a card play off.
9. Mobile phones and mobile media devices must be switched off during the round of golf and whilst on the golf course and may only be used in case of medical emergency. Penalty for breach of rule – disqualification.
10. All disputes shall be settled by the championship committee whose decision shall be final.