Message from Harvey

I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to all my  friends who have sent their best wishes following my stroke on the 13th June . A special  thank you Peter Rogers, Margaret Jacobs and the rest of the course rating team who's prompt attention on the day meant the ambulance got me to the hospital where I received the attention I needed.The clot went to three parts of my brain which may come as a surprise to some of you, not that it went there but I actually have three parts in my brain!

As some of you know I quite often refer to where we live as the "Morton Home for the Bewildered", I never thought this would come true one day.!Now is a good chance to take advantage as my short term memory loss is still affected so you can tell me I agreed to anything and I would not know any differently.! I have been assured things should return to normal given time so a sincere thank you to all at the LUGC for sharing out my responsibilities. (Don't think for one minute you are sharing my honoraria).

This has taken me 45 minutes to write so at the next meeting I am doing please talk slowly!

Fondest Regards, Harvey. ( Still Hon Sec,LUGC)