Bramley Trophy

Current Holders: – Belton Park & Spalding Golf Club

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Competition Rules

1. To be eligible to enter a club must be affiliated to the Lincolnshire Union of Golf Clubs.
2. In addition each player in the club team must: –
a) be of amateur status as defined by the R & A.
b) be a current member of the affiliated club, and in the case of multiple club memberships, be his nominated club for ALL representative county competitions, club matches and league matches, during the current year/playing season.
3. Each club team will consist of 3 players.
4. In the event of a club failing to field a side the match will be awarded to the opposing side.
5. Play will be Singles Matchplay, off scratch as follows:
a) In rounds prior to the final over 18 holes with each individual game being played to a winning conclusion, i.e. 4/3, 2/1, @20th, etc, until a club has recorded at least 2 winning game results.
b) In the final over 36 holes (max) with the overall result being determined by applying the following, in order, until a clear result exists:
i) Total game points including halved games.
ii) Nett total holes up.
iii) Match result between tied teams.
iv) Nett total holes up between tied teams.
6. Matches will be played on the dates as set out on the county fixture list.
7. In the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather the match will be replayed on a date mutually agreeable to both parties and within 14
days of the original fixture date. The Competition Secretary must be informed of the cancellation and of the new date chosen for the match.
8. All competitors will be required to play with golf balls which are on the current R & A list.
9. All competitors must comply with Rule 4.1 – Form and Make of Clubs. The players clubs must conform with the rule and the provisions, specifications and interpretations therein.
10. Competitors must walk at all times during a stipulated round. The use of buggies will be prohibited unless supported by medical certificate.
11. Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones: As per England Golf Policy.
12. The final will be played at Seacroft Golf Club on Sunday 18th August 2019

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