A Midland Golf Union Order of Merit Event
Current Holder: Thomas Beasley – The Chase Golf Club

The 2019 LINCOLNSHIRE POACHER will be played at Lincoln Golf Club on Sunday 21st July.

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Competition Results 2018

1.To be eligible to enter, competitors must:
be of amateur status as defined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.
Have an active handicap of 5.4, or less
2. Where entries are excessive, a ballot of the higher (exact) handicaps will take place with those eliminated being placed on a reserve list, in order.
3. Unless a player is on the reserve list, there will be no refunds if a player withdraws from the event after the closing date for entries.
4. In the event of a tie for first place a sudden death play-off shall take place over holes decided by the competition committee. Any other ties will be decided by a card play-off.
5. All competitors will be required to play with golf balls which are on the Royal and Ancient Golf Club List of conforminggolf balls current at the date of the tournament.
6. All competitors must comply with Rule 4.1 (Form and Make of Clubs). The players clubs must conform with this rule and the provisions, specifications and interpretations therein.
7. Any competitor who is not present on his allotted starting tee when called upon to start, shall be disqualified.
8. Competitors must walk at all times during a stipulated round. The use of buggies will be prohibited unless supported by medical certificate.
9. Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones: As per England Golf Policy.
10. All disputes shall be settled by the championship committee, whose decision shall be final.

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